Hub is crashing due to overheating

My hub is crashing for 2 weeks. What I meant by crashing is while the hub is turned on, whether I’m watching a video or just in the menu, after a few minutes, the video/menu and the sound dissappears and when I tried to turn it off using the remote, nothing happens. Unplugging it is the only way to turn it off. But while it is in the crash state, you can still access the hub through the network. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s causing the problem but after several testing for the past 2 weeks only two things made my hub work again. One is keeping the cover of my hub open and the other is putting an electric fan infront of the hub. Those solution to my problem makes me think that it is an overheating problem maybe the same with the laptop wherein when the laptop turns off automatically when it reaches a certain high temperature.

Since I’m the only who is encountering this problem at this point based on the posts in this forum, Can anyone share his/her opinion on another possible cause of this problem and maybe a solution to the problem. If it is indeed an overheating problem, can anyone give me an advice on how to make my hub cooler aside from keeping the hub’s cover open and using an electric fan. I tried putting a laptop cooler pad below the hub but it didn’t work.

This is my hub’s strike 2. My first problem was the power switch which I figured a remedy. This is really frustrating but in my situation I have no choice but to figure out a fix to these problem as I can’t RMA my device because even though my hub is bought in US, I’m here in the Philippines.

I do know that the UI will flash a warning up on the screen in two phases:

One if the temperature is getting too warm, and another after it reaches the critical shutdown temperature.

Since you’re not seeing those, I’m not sure that you’re actually experiencing an over-heat.

As, TonyPH12345 said, you should get an indicator on an overheating problem.  Although, I’m not sure how reliable those indicators are.

It may be that it is reaching a high enough temp to cause you problems, but not high enough to trip the overtemp.

You should be able to tell if it is getting too hot though just by putting your hand on top of the HUB, it should feel cool or just warm to the touch.  I can run mine all day and can’t feel much heat from it at all.

There are a couple of things that you can try though.  First I would make sure that the fan is working, you should be able to turn the HUB upside down while it’s on and hear the fan.

Another thing is to make sure that there is nothing blocking the vents on the bottom of the HUB, and if it is sitting on top of other equipment, move to where it’s not sitting on anything else.  Also, make sure that you don’t have it sitting near an air vent and if you have it sitting in an enclosed cabniet move it somewhere that’s open.

Can you check to see if these issues still happen if your Live Hub is not connected to the network or if it’s connected to a different TV (or connected via composite/component instead of HDMI, assuming you’re using HDMI)? I understand that you suspect an overheating problem, but I’d just like to rule out other potential issues. 

Is the environment your Live Hub is stored in unusually warm? Does it perform any better if you move it to a different room (or even another location in the same room)?

I’ll check with tech support to see if maybe we can get your unit for failure analysis.

Even if I disconnected all the cables connected to the hub except the video and power cable, it still happens. I haven’t tried using it on a different TV but I have tried using all 3 connections (HDMI, Component, Composite) and it gives the same results. When I place the hub in an open area or a cooler area, it will run longer compared to placing it in my usual area which is semi-enclosed but eventually it will crash. Also, when it is in a cooler area, the crash happens slowly. What happens is white and red dots slowly appears and dissappears in different parts of the screen until the video and the audio goes dark. After this happens, the WD light is still on and steady, the fan is still running and I can still access the hub from my PC which means that the hard disk is still running.

For a couple of days now, whenever I’m running my hub with the top cover remove, that problem is not happening even I’m using it for several hours but when I put the cover and tried to run it, it crashes few minutes later. Also, as I said in my previous post, using an electric fan works as well. Because of these reasons why I think this is an overheating problem.

What do you mean by failure analysis? If it means that my unit has to be RMA so you can test it yourself, that would not be possible as I mentioned in my previous post.

So is this your orginal hub where you disconnected your switch?

Is your fan working?

I assume that if WD wants to test out your unit they will make some sort of arrangement to collect it.

richUK wrote:

So is this your orginal hub where you disconnected your switch?

Is your fan working?


I assume that if WD wants to test out your unit they will make some sort of arrangement to collect it.

Yes, this is my original hub where I disconnected the power switch so this problem is strike 2. Its too unfortunate for me that I got a bad unit. Hopefully, there is no more strike 3.