Hub internal drive and folders

Just got my Hub so bear with me(previously had a 1st gen)

I have attached to it a 1TB drive with 3 folders  Movies   TV_Shows  Music,  hub sees the folders and the content in them.

However I have created 2 folders on the Hub in the root also called Movies   TV_Shows, however the Hub does Not see these folders or their contents, but if I drag the content to the root of the Hub’s drive it will then see the content.

Am I missing something here?  Whats up with this?

I’d like to move my content from my 1 TB to the internal but if It wont see the folders…

any ideas?


You say if the folders:



are in the ROOT of the Hub’s drive that they work fine.

Where are they when they DON’T work?   What’s the name of the parent folder?

The folders are in the Root of the Hub’s hard drive,  I networked to the Hub’s hard drive, I created 2 folder in the root, right where I see the .wdtv folder  etc ( I deleted the SampleFolder  that was there)  TV and Movies folder  , I put  movie.avi in the folders , then I filter by folder I see my 1TBHD  and LIVEHubFolder  , I look in the LiveHubfolder  but it says no media found.

When I put the avi in the root, same level as the folders I can then see the avi but no folders are shown.

I can see folders on my 1 TB HD though


WDLIVE HubFolder >>   Movies(folder)  TV(folder)   .wdtv(folder)

cant see the 2 created folders

on my 1TB  >> Movies(folder)  TV(folder)     ----  I can see these folders

If the folder doesn’t have any videos, that folder will not appear in the videos because the hub doesn’t show folders which don’t contain relevant files but you can still copy to that folder. When you use the copy command in the hub and select internal storage and WDTVLiveHub, that folders you created will appear so you can copy to that folder.

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ok, but I did have a movie.avi in the folder and it didn’t show.  I will try again.

So if I sync my 2 folders from my 1TB to the WDHub the folders will be in the Sync_folder  with all content correct?

I just want to eliminate my my USB add on for the time being.