Hub HDD Failure?

Hi all

Have had an odd problem over the past week that is a bit intermittent but seems to be getting worse, I’m suspecting a duff HDD.

The HUb will all of a sudden stop and re-boot itself and will then load the default interface and go into Compiling Media Library, for some time. (Occasionally after 40 mins it will start and all will be okay again, but mostly it just sits there compiling).

If I try and run a video from the local HDD it says “No device present” and I cannot browse any network shares.

I’ve tried connecting to the HDD from my PC via the network, but a message says it is not accessible.

Usually, I disconnect everything for 30 mins, preset reset button connect everything and it’s back to default all will work for maybe for  just a few hours or even a week, then the above starts all over again.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? WD support here in the UK is office hours only (and does not work at the weekends!!!) so if I have to ring them, I have to take time off work :angry:

Any help advice much appreciated.

Well I’ve left it still “Compiling” and after 3 hours and it slowly bit by bit replaced the default graphics one at a time with the customised ones I had as my theme.

I can now access the HDD via the network, and can access local content form the Hub. I can also browse the network shares but unable to play content as a message says “No Media” which I assume is Twonkey still trying to index.

Now suspect a duff OS/CPU?