Hub freezing when connected to internet

Hey guys, for the first week my device has been great, but for the last week every time i have the internet connected the Hub seems to freeze about 15 minutes in.   I cant really get around it and cant update to the new firmware because it only downloads so much before freezing.  Any suggestions?  Thanks guys. 


You can always update the firmware using USB Thumb drive by downloading the latest firmware from <>

As far as unit freezing… you need to be more specific… Freezing what?.. does the ONLINE services freeze? in that case it could be your Networking that causes the Freeze perhaps?

Best wishes

thanks for the usb tip i’m gonna do that and see what happens.  

Its not just the online services, the device just becomes unresponsive and I have to unplug it to restart.   Nothing works when it freezes, cant navigate or do anything with the device until its restarted.  Thanks for the quick reply.  Open to any ideas.  I’m gonna call tech support tonight.  Thanks again

Saying that it’s connected to the INTERNET is a bit vague.

Go pull the WAN connection from your router.   In other words, disconnect your internet.

Does the problem still happen?   If so, INTERNET has nothing to do with it, and it’s something going on on your local network.

when the ethernet cable is connected is when it is happening, 

Then shutdown everything on your network and see if it still happens. If it does NOT, then turn things on one by one until you track down what device is responsible.