Hub doesn't always start

Frequently, my Live Hub does not output anything unless I cycle power, or unplug and replug. The drive spins up, the light is on, but nothing on screen.
Cycling the on/off works after a few cycles, pulling the plug and putting it back in works every time on one try.

Are you connected to your TV via HDMI. Are you sure its not just something to do with the handshaking between the player and your TV. Try selecting another input on your TV using your remote and then coming back to the HDMI input that your player is connected to. This gives the TV and the player another chance to negotiate.

I am going through an HDMI switch, but it does switch to the Hub automatically just fine. Even when I recycle power and the HDMI switch is already on the correct input, it doesn’t always output. Using the remote, or the power switch is when the problem occurs, physical power disconnect and reconnect always works 1st time.

also, make sure your TV is switched OFF when changing HDMI Inputs

(ie. switch OFF TV … change cable/input then switch TV back ON)

edit: is this a direct HDMI connection to the TV ? or are you using a HDMI switch box ?

As a test try connecting to the TV without the HDMI switch. Does it work OK now.

I will try direct connecting…

…but let me say that on close observation, I usually do get the WD splash screen, then it goes blank.  Sometimes the WD light comes back on, flashes on & off, and then comes on steady.  Other times thw WD stays on steady, but the screen is blank.  Sometimes it starts right up and gets to the HOME screen within 10 seconds.  Other times it says “Connecting to the network” for 30 seconds (hardwired ethernet). 

Sometimes it goes right to the Videos listing, other times it spends 10-20 seconds “recompiling the media library” - even when there have been no changes to the content.

Seems wierd that sometimes it goes from OFF to Home in 10 seconds, while other times it takes 45-60 seconds.

I’m not complaining, just posting data -


Your comments are a little confusing

If you pull the plug and put the plug back in again, you basically reset the player, so it will give you flashing lights, some inactivity, and checking for new covers etc. Thats what I get if I have to do a hard reset, and I don’t even have the scaper on. Sometimes it hangs for a while before it sorts itself out as well.

It will be an HDMI issue but not a fault as such, the box will not stay on an HDMI channel if you move inputs, I use a Harmony remote and even though the HDMI is correctly selected, it wont show up for a short time and say connecting just as yours does.

I think you are confusing the Hub with your switch. I think thats why Joey is getting you to switch off the TV before changing HDMI, as it will let everything sort itself out.

 Thats what I get if I have to do a hard reset, and I don’t even have the scaper on.

?? What’s a “scaper”?

OK - I direct-connected the Hub to the TV.  No difference.  Being an I/T guy, I’ve determined that when it malfunctions, it’s locking-up.  When it does, neither the remote, nor the power switch works (unless I hold the power switch in for 8 seconds).  But I think the command sequence I’m sending is the culprit.

I’ve “adjusted” the start sequence in my Harmony ONE, and so far it seems to work better. 

Thanks for your help!


It may have helped if you had mentioned the Harmony remote :slight_smile: On that note I just received a new one for one LG Bluray Home theatre player due to issues, still had same problem, until I changed some options on the remote…Ooops

It should have said Scraper, the app that gets the Covers.

As an IT guy, perhaps you should have mentioned the HDMI switch and the harmony remote in your first post. We have to go on the information given and assume that you are using a direct connection and the supplied remote.

…well, here’s another piece of data… 

This morning (via my HARMONY ONE remote) the WD is not sending output to the TV.  It’s on, the HDMI is direct-connected, the TV is on the right imput, just getting a blank screen.

Using the HARMONY ONE remote to switch back to TV works just fine, but switching back to WD produces a blank screen.

But every time I go to my WD Remote android app, and to its Services screen, and select NetFlix, bingo, the NetFlix screen appears. 

going to check Harmony’s initial settings… 

I found, on the Harmony forum, that its best to create “Utility-Generic” activities because when doing so, the WD Hub can be set to not have an initial input setting.  I’ve done that and it works much better.