Hub does not recognize MP3´s

Hi all, 

i am feeding the Hub via WLAN. When i copy & paste movie files into the “video” folder everything is fine.

When i copy MP´3 into the music folder or pictures into the picture folder, the files get copied and i can see them in the specific folder on my computer screen.

When i now try to watch  the pictures on my TV or try to listen to the MP3´s the HUB tells me, that those folders are empty!

What do i do wrong?

Thanks fpr your help… 


1.) Go to the

2.) select User manual in your language

3.) Go to Chapter 7 “Playing Music” and read the instructions. It is quite simple.


acutally… no. this does not help. I know how to push play, etc.

The MP3 files are not listed, so there is nothing that i could choose.

If i look into the Music folder on my computer, the files are all in there.

There is nothing in the manual that helps to solve this prob…

Thanks, Sascha

Where exactly are these files - on the hub or on your computer?