HUB Does not let my NAS Power Down

Hi I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

I have a QNAP 419P and before I got the HUB would happily go into power save mode after 10 minutes of no usage.  I have noticed since I got the HUB it does not do this unless I completely switch the HUB off.  Have tried leaving the hub just at the home screen and leaving it in standby but it must still access my QNAP for some reason?

It’s checking to see if there are changes on the file system, such as the addition of thumbnails or whatever.

So are you saying it will always be looking at my NAS so I have to switch the HUB off to allow the NAS to go into standby


The other alternative is possibly to select a different content source on the Hub before you put it to sleep…  LIke set it to LOCAL STORAGE.

Hi Tony,

I have tried that but it does not work