HUB CORN (version murder) screen


hello everyone my hubcorn beta 3 comes out soon but I’m also a version of Murder hubcorn look at the picture and tell me if I should continue or stop its production.

allo le monde je fais  hubcorn beta 3 qui sort bientot mais je fais aussi une version murder de hubcorn regardez la photo pour me dire si je dois le continuez ou stop sa production.


#2 screen of HubCorn (version murder)


I liked the hubcorn but im not a fan of murder.


same for me, I liked the hub corn, but not the murder one.


Hi Helll3ond

When is HC beta 3 gonna be available as I have just asked you about beta 2 about 10 minutes ago!

I found a link for beta 2 but the download is now dead.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.


no beta 3  HubCorn is now official in version  HubCorn v1.1  check the link------