Hub as server to Android Tablet, Vob and ISO can't do it!


Just bought the Hub today, may have to return tomorrow : (
I have most of my movie in Vob and 1 in ISO.
I can not use the dvd menu for either one on my tablet, if this is the limitation of DLNA server, then it’s over for me. I tried 10 different android vob players already.

If I have window 8 tablet would it work? I have no issue streaming from Hub to PC, havs dvd menu and all.

I think you may find that its a limitation of dlna and the android player regarding menu’s.

Yeah, good luck with that.

You’ll need to find an app that supports native DVD playback – and also access via network shares (Samba / CIFS / NFS) instead of DLNA.

I use EFS File Explorer to connect form my Nexus 7 (Android) to SAMBA shares various devices on my network. Works great. Once connected though, you still need and app to run/play whatever file you are choosing. At this point I have not found and Droid video player that plays ISO files. Works well for other video formats (avi, mkv etc) as well as office docs etc. 

So if you want to connect over SAMBA to your HUB or other Win machines instead of DLNA , I highly reccomend EFS File Explororer. As far as playing ISO or VOB, whole different issue. Need to find an droid app that plays those formats, local or on remote machines.

good luck


Thx all, so currently, I do use ES file and it is great, then I use BS player or other to play. Android all share DNLA is very limited.

I decided to keep and to convert all my movies to mkv , mp4 etc, it going to be awhile. But for my concert dvd, no solution for chapters. I may just convert them to mkv anyway. Songs are readily available in youtube anyway…Thx all again…

But anybody knows if Window Tablet can play the everything, since it is just PC.?

Research the VLC Streamer app for iThings and Android.  It can stream ISO, MKV, mp4 from HD drives and actual DVD from DVD drive.  Need an above average wireless network and above average computer for best results.

I think that needs helper software running on a PC. Can you access a nas directly with it like the op wants to do?

richUK wrote:
I think that needs helper software running on a PC. Can you access a nas directly with it like the op wants to do?

Yes, Rich, it does need helper software running on the PC, but that has no additional cost; one buys the VLC Streamer mobile app for two bucks and then downloads the helper software from the creator’s website.  Programs do need to be running on a PC: it’s just the way things have to work today – until WD creates something similar for the media players so the media player can play and wirelessly transmit the video instead of VLC Streamer & VLC on a PC!

It can access any drive that is shared; e.g. ones on the WD, ones on computers, ones as standalone NAS, etc.  It even can access drives on the Pogoplug, that can not be shared as a typical drive but are connected to the router’s network.

If you haven’t tried this app yet, RichUK, you ought to – it is a UK product!  I can stream ISO files, MKVs and, of course , mp4/m4v files to my iPads (Gen 1 and Gen 3), so how cool is that!   Some ISO and MKV video files are “too much” for the apps, so they experience buffering.  Even so. enough do stream OK without buffering so that it is definely a cool app.

So, check it out here:

The android vlc streamer app is free.

Yes, it is free, so is the iThing app, too – if you want to put up with advert banners that take up valuable screen real estate, and are annoying as can be .  For two bucks, I have no ads, plus it pays the guy for his efforts.  I did try the free app for a day or so before parting with my hard earned (2) bucks.  :dizzy_face:

Try XBMC for Android.

I am using it on my Nexus7, it should give you what you need.

XBMC is that actually a network protocol. plus video player??? …thx