Hub as Server to Android Tab 10.1 issue with 720P rip

Hi all,

I am using ES file and BS player, my android Samsung tab 10.1 , Jelly bean (wish I didn’t up date from Honeycomb). I have some movies 720P BR rip to mkv, mp4, avi. (most of file are 2 gb) and I have video lag and audio out of sync while streaming.

If I use All Share apps from Samsung, video and audio is lot smoother, but native video player doesn’t support many codec.

Also, since update my tab 10.1 from honeycomb to jellybean, youtube 720 hd has issues too, that is another topic. I am trying to downgrade but still learning.

Do you guys think that this is limitation of my tablet, just not powerful enough OR jelly bean (honeycomb may help) OR limitation of ES file and BS player combo?

With BS Player’s latest update you shouldn’t need ES File Explorer to access your movies on the Hub. BS has a LAN mode that will now scan your network and find the Hub for you. Perhaps eliminating the use of ES may help your video files play a little better. I dunno how much it gets in the way or if it does affect things but you don’t NEED to use it. Also note if you are using BS to get to the files on the Hub, once you drill down to the file you want to play if you LONG press on the file a menu will display. You might select “Play (SW mode)”. I use this when it won’t play a file in HW mode. Usually works a charm!

Thx, I have the free version of BS player so I can’t browse with it, , prob buy full version.
I will try SW, Thx

Update, so far SW still didn’t help.

You can browse with the free version. That’s the version I use as well. Run the app and when it’s opened press the menu button in the upper right corner. Look for LAN MODE.

My samsung tab 10.1 processor is rather weak compare to ur Asus. Bummer keep getting error in connecting file.

Well Asus isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. My wifes Toshiba Thrive works better than my Asus. She streams video from her laptop to her Thrive, a lot of it .mkv files, and has no problems and that’s wifi from the laptop to her Thrive. She uses BS Player Free too. You might have some problems with your network. If it’s wifi there maybe some radio frequency interference causing the problem. Like a neighbor on the same wifi channel your router is on or some cordless appliance like a phone or wireless speakers.

Try XBMC for Android.

Works much better than ES File and BS Player.