Hello, I have a really urgent business situation in which my SSD all got “zapped” by a lightning storm that moved through here yesterday - very shocking considering that they were all plugged into premium surge protectors - but it fried my router and modem too, so be it…

My point being, I think by obtaining one of the SSD wifi drives, as listed in the link above, that will cover all my devices this time without have a bunch of wired, manual devices. I need a SSD wifi expert to please email me back ASAP because I need some more technical questions answered, then I will be placing an overnight order with WDC first thing Monday AM, if you all are not open today. The wifi SSD are all new to me so I just need to clarify some fine detail before purchasing.

I see now that I can place an overnight shipment on the WDC store website.

Secondly, I need to get a hold of someone at the WD Labs - since I am a licensed 501c3 organization and because this was such a huge financial disaster as well, I wanted to see if they could help defray any of my replacement costs. Right now, it looks like my order will total around $2500.00 + overnight shipping that I believe is 80$.

I would like to also contact your public relations/social media office by name/email.

Please note: I am hearing impaired but I do want to hear from all you experts. I post my direct email and text only number for that very reason - to be more accessible:

text, 785 551 1333

Thsnk you and have a nice day,