HTTP settings for content streaming; AppleTV, Fulgaz, Web Server

I have a MyCloud PR2100 running on a principally Mac network in my home. Among other uses, I want the NAS to stream 4K content to a cycling app on my Apple TV 4K called Fulgaz. Fulgaz is available on a number of platforms and has settings to allow for streaming from a PC, Mac or NAS. I just can’t figure out how to configure the settings in Fulgaz to access the files on the PR2100.

Let me say at the outset that I am just a regular guy, not an IT expert, and get lost pretty quickly in this stuff.

To stream files from a computer, Fulgaz recommends the use of MAMP to set the computer up as a web server for the large, downloaded video files on at the computer or NAS drive. I’ve included configuration screens from Fulgaz (black) and MAMP below. Apparently Fulgaz has to access the files via http, not through iTunes or DLNA or Plex or any other method. I am able to get this to work from my MacBook Pro, either using a folder on my hard drive as the document root, or even as selecting the folder on the MyCloud through the finder and streaming the content from there. But I can’t figure out what settings to use in Fulgaz to stream directly from the PR2100 and cut out the MacBook and MAMP.

The host address of the PR2100 is I think the Port for the MyCloud is 80. The file path is Public > Fulgaz. Can someone clue me in to what services to turn on and settings to enter in the black Fulgaz screen shown here to access content on my PR2100? Thanks in advance for the help.