Http://mybookliveduo.local not accessible from safari but from firefox

I have a “funny” problem.

The Dashboard of my mybookliveduo should be accessible under  http://mybookliveduo.local - it is not - atleast I thought so.:


  • is not accessible from safari not accessible
  • is accessible from firefox
  • is accessible from my Ipad

I have a Macbookpro with Yosemite installed.

Does anyone have an idea for this specific problem?

Thanks in advance. Felix.

the same problem when u type the specific IP adress in the field?

Hi burg3r, 

thank you for your reply.

Nope. when I enter the specified IP (in my case a static one) I can access the dashboard without problems.

then it is a problem with your router DNS server. 

and please use the english part of the community for english.