HTTP Mirror

It would be nice to have an HTTP mirror service available for every NAS.  Something worthy to spend those terabytes on.

Most of the planet has either absurdly expensive, poor, or no internet connection.

If I had a coffee shop in the middle of nowhere, it is unlikely that I could afford to provide live internet to all of my customers.  Or perhaps a very rural school or library.  Perhaps a hotel out in the boonies.  Or just out in the boonies, with obscene data caps on satellite downloads.

A service to mirror remote content, over a very modest internet connection, and serve that mirrored content up to a local intranet would be very desirable in many situations.  You have something, where you otherwise would have had nothing.

Put that DSL connection to work, updating a complete copy of wikipedia (50GB), project gutenberg (50GB), open street map (50 GB), and many other data sources, including locally maintained content, while the NAS serves the local, realtime demands for that mirrored content.  With some simplified search index, too.

Another widespread problem is internet outages.  Even prolonged ones.  Especially in rural areas.  Or after a disaster.  At least the local copy of that data would still be available, while the crews put all of the infrastructure back into order.

Even doomsday nuts would love it.  Never mind how you would power that, or how long the thing would work, after the bombs dropped, or the aliens invaded, or the zombies came… you have your copy of the doomed civilization’s data for how to mix a margarita all backed up.