HTTP error (406) has accurred

My WD MyBook Live 2GB has suddenly developed a fault whereby whenever I add video files to the drive via my laptop and try to access those files via the PS3, I get an error message: HTTP error (406) has accurred with the files showing up as ‘unsupported’ (when they show up at all - sometimes I get the dreaded ‘No are no files’ message when I know there are).

I have rebooted the drive and the PS3 several times, run a full diagnostic on the WD (took all night to complete) and re-scanned/re-built the database on the WD. Nothing works. On closer inspection, it looks like it may be MP4 files only that are affected, as some files are OK (they show up OK and play OK on the PS3). Also, all thumbnails have disappeared when viewing my library on the PS3, replaced instead by the PS3’s default file icon.

I have placed a support call with WD but have yet to hear anything. Thought I’d post here in case anyone else had suffered (or is suffering) the same issue. I’ll keep this post updated with any developments.

Rebooted router a day later and all is well again. Very strange.