HTTP Download with wildcard

Have a question about the use of HTTP Downaload application, it’s sometimes difficult to apply when you need to download some ISO files that the souce change the name with the new number version on it.
For example, downloading debian ISO is always has the version number on the name. So I’ll never have the updated image from their server.

Is there some way to solve this problem?

There’s no official documentation available on WD’s site related to this particular behavior. Hopefully an experienced board member will be able to assist.

I would love something like this! hope they have a solution!

Are you comfortable using the linux cmd-line? Have you turned on ssh access to your cloud (via the Dashboard)?

If yes to both, you should experiment with the curl and wget cmds. Both cmds take a URL, and download the file pointed to. Dealing with wild-cards will be an extra credit project. You’d probably have to write a script that downloads the parent page, parses and extracts the newest version number into a variable, and then use that variable in the URL to expand to the newest version.

wget --help or curl --help will get you started.

Also note that accepting ssh access via the Dashboard makes you open to problems with WD support. They don’t like working on machines that are in an unknown, but possibly modified state.