HTML page first thing user sees

Hi,  I am very new to WD My Cloud.   I would like additional inforamtion on the following:

  • After user signs into My Cloud using the dashboard, i would like them to only see the html page i created which will allow them to navigate to three public folders containing pictures for three family groups.  Can this be done?   Is this the same thing as a virtual host?
  • Can i link back to the dashboard from the html page?
  • How much customization can be done to the dashboard for each user?
  • How difficult is it to host a web page from the My Cloud?   Can it be done?   Would I want to do this?
  • Will My Cloud support ASP?  Or do the pages all have to be HTML since its a data storage server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.     Thanks!   Michelle

I’m afraid all these are not supported by WD. But if you are familiar with Linux, or at least web APIs, take a look at my signature.

Well that is disappointing.  I appreciate the re-direct to your signature.   Looks like you’ve done some nice work, but I’m not familiar with Linux at all.  

So basically, it will store pictures and others can log in to it using their phone/computer app… hmmmm

I definitely need to learn more about Twonky.

Thanks again, M

Mojeaux wrote:


So basically, it will store pictures and others can log in to it using their phone/computer app… hmmmm

Erm… if this is just what you wanted, then it’s already part of WDMyCloud design. Just create share access for your users and they can use WD pc/phone apps to access their shares locally/remotely. It’s stated somewhere in the manual.

FYI Twonky is a DLNA media server which is supposed to be used only within your subnet. If you change its settings, it will revert back at reboot because WD need it to work in a specific manner. E.g. if you set username/password in Twonky maybe because you’re trying to expose it to the internet and restrict the access, then the WD Dashboard can no longer connects with Twonky.

From your first post, I assumed you wanted some fancy customized htmls to greet your users a.k.a. website. This can be done with some mods to the existing Apache, or better install Nginx, look into the webhosting link on my signature. But as always any modifications are not supported by WD and may void your warranty.

You mentioned ASP, this will be much easier on IIS as it tough to port over the .NET/Mono modules to ARM architecture especially the 64K pagesize memory on V4 firmwares. Better choices are with the pre-installed python, perl and php.