HTML List of Movies/TV shows

Hi, i’m trying to export an HTML list of movies and music

I use XBMC while on my PC to play all my video’s and obviously i use the WD TV Live HUB to play them from my TV

I have approximately 500 DVD movies and 500 Blu Ray movies and about 1000 TV Episodes

I would like to make an in depth list of every movie with like the DVD Covers and all the metadata for each and every movie… I understand that for 1,000 movies that it will be very very very long list, but that is what i want.

I also have about 70,000 songs that i would make to make a list of

Winamp only allows me to export a list of my music through the playlist editor and the playlist editor only has

Artist - Song - Length

Whereas in the Winamp Media Player i have all the ID3 Information for every single one of my 70,000 songs

I would like to make an HTML list with ALL OF THE ID3 Information such as

Artist - Album - Track Number - Track - Length - Bitrate - Genre

Is there anyway to do this through XBMC or any other program ? I am very new to XBMC and have hardly ever used it, but i do have all of my movies and all of their metadata listed within XBMC so if it’s possible this way, then this would by far be the easiest and more informative way of doing it, but so far my posts within the XBMC Forums have returned zero.

Is there some sort of add-on i can download to export a list, preferably an HTML list?

Thank you

If it cannot be done through XBMC any program at all that can make a list of all my movies would be great

I can live with the small amount of info that winamp does for my music, but I have absolutely no way of making a list of all my movies and tv shows

For the movies and episodes you can use Thumbgen.