HP Laptop to Macbook Air Problem

Hello all,

I had a HP Pavillion Laptop with many photographs backed up on my WD My Passport (portable storage). The laptop broke and I changed to a MacBook Air. I want to get the images from the portable storage to my MacBook Air. I can’t seem to do that. Nor can I back up files presently on my MacBook Air to the WD My Passport. Is this incompatible, or maybe I am just missing something?

Hope to hear from you ASAP as going to be taking many many more pictures very shortly. 



A drive formatted for Windows will be only on a Mac. You need something like NTFS-3G http://mac-free.com/download/NTFS-3G.html


Getting the image should be a no brainer since the drive will show up as read only on the Mac

open the drive on the desktop and drag over the files

to write to the drive you will need to either format or use NTFS-3G as suggested by Joe