HP laptop SSD Upgrade - which one?

Laptop is HP Pavilion Notebook dm3-1060ea with a 300Gb HD - 2.5" form factor using SATA Rev 3.0 interface.

I need to replace the drive so which one of the following 3 products should I buy?




If not one of these then what?

Many thanks.


Samsung 860 EVO SATA 3 2,5 inch 1 TB SSD, or 500 GB if you like.

  • 2,5 inch SSD powered by Samsung V-NAND-technologie
  • Fast, up to 550 MB/s read / 520 MB/s write.
  • Reliable
  • 5 year guaranty
  • Good managementsoftware with Firmware-updates,
    Performance benchmark, Data security.