HP AIO Scan Transfer

When I scan a document via my HP AIO printer to the IPad app, there is an export to a cloud server that you can enter in the inforation… I enter the following:

Name: WD My Cloud
UserName: My email
Password: Password for my WD MyCloud Login
URL: https://www.wd2go.com/login.do

And the HP AIO App returns the following message:
“Cannot add account. Check the URL server and your network settings”.

Any ideas?

WD 2go isn’t a “cloud.”   All it is is a connection portal to your own NAS. 

What you’re trying is not going to work.

I have a scanner on my Ipad (but not through a printer), the following setup works for me:

enable FTP on wdmycloud

install a ftp client on Ipad and configure to connect to mycloud

if your software allows “Open In” option which it should I think. click on the scanned object, then choose open in ftp client, and from ftp client transfer to your shares on wdmycloud.