How's best to format WD elements drive for OSX 10.6.8? Please help!

Hi. I’m a very novice user and not v tech savvy. After filling up my Mac totally I need to offload some files and bought a 1TB drive expecting to plug it in and go!

I’ve discovered I need to format it but my OSX version is so old it doesn’t come up in the support section on the WD page and I really don’t want to do it wrong and waste £50 and be back to square one. Still waiting for a response from the WD support centre and desperately need more space. Can anyone help point me in the right direction please??

Hi Eskimo,

WD hard drives are pre-formatted in NTFS file format system and Mac supports another file system that is HFS+J. So you have to format your WD drive in MacOS supporting file system i.e HFS+J.

You can refer the link below for further assistance: