How you organize files?

Hey guys, How you organize files?

I have to decided which is the best way to organize files avoid using sub directories but I can´t get a final decision so maybe you guys can tell me the way you do it maybe I can use some of your idea. 

Hello… I’m working with WDTVLiveHub since near a month ago… I’ve experimented some theme before decide create my own theme and I’m using 3.01.19 firmware. For this moment, I didn’t try for music structure, but more for movies structure.

for this moment i use:

  • ./folder                                                        (Triology folder)
  • ./folder/folder.jpg                                      (Triology sheet or thumb, look at my MochiSheet Theme)
  • movie.mkv                                                 (Movie)
  • movie.xml                                                  (Movie Info)
  • movie.jpg                                                   (Movie cover)
  • movie_sheet.jpg                                      (Movie sheet)

Now look about how OSD ready it.

  • folder.jpg and movie.jpg is sent to @@poster variable, depends if it’s was folder or file is selected
  • movie_sheet.jpg was loaded thru the bias of movie.xml and store into @@preview_rect_image
  • folder doesn’t  seem read folder.xml and @@preview_rect_image stay empty. For the moment folder.avi trick seem to fail.
  • Reading backdrop thru XML take some time to appear.
  • Reading thru XML can unsort your tv episode. because OSD resort with , then episode don’t follow. I will try to modified ThumbGen template to change title to place seasons and episode at beginning of title(01x02 -  Episode)

I make some test who gonna be send soon. Because of ThumbGen generate me all in same JPG, every information inside XML was seem useless. The I will try to use this structure:

  • ./folder                                                        (Triology folder)
  • ./folder/folder.jpg                                      (Triology sheet)
  • movie.mkv                                                 (Movie)
  • movie.jpg                                                   (Movie sheet)

At this point, it’s supposed to be more fast to read backdrop , but I must change skin to remove Thumb. I got some idea for that.

Continue to browse my simple Theme and MochiSheet Lite gonna be send soon.

mmmh Very interesting what you said.