How WD fixes their firmware issues


Shown below is an email recently received due to my numerous post about my router problems and lack of support.  I am not a fan of WD obviously, but simply wish for them to address their issues and offer a product that works.  I cannot believe that WD’s only solution to solve my problems is to issue a refund to me to shut up and stop talking on their public forum about their products and their problems.  If this was about money I would have never joined this community to help others or myself by actually speaking the truth about real problems that actually exist and possible solutions.  Negative comments from myself are directly related to the complete lack of technical support / firmware upgrades that have caused more harm then good.  I have called too many times and spoken to too many people about the same thing, what a waste of my time.  Not to mention I am on my second unit, with no possible fix in sight.  This is what happens when your problems become escalated…

 I have copied this same post to the sender of my email message.  Names removed to protect the guilty.


Or, we could have offered a refund simply because you weren’t satisfied with the product.  However, we have been working on the problems and have released a new update to address them.  You could try the new update and see if that fixes the issue for you.  If it does, then we are really happy.  If it doesn’t, then we will continue to work on it until we do.