How viable is Solid States nowadays

I am just curious… Since SSD’s have been out for awhile now, ((Yet still a arm and a leg.))  How viable are they for extreme use for someone like me who does Graphics Design and 3d Design/Animations, among other things.

Programs like 3ds Max  and ZBrush can take awhile to boot up on a normal 5400rpm Mechanical Hard drive, even more so to save large mesh models and what not.

This is talking using a SSD Specifically for  This program, The 3d Design Probrams would be thrown on a Sata that I would set as my Z:\ Drive. I would be using it to acess and save my files to it for rapid acess.

SO I will be using a SSD alot harder than a normal person would use one…

Is the Lifespana nd stability of one viable and worth putting money into.  I know each block of Memory in a SSDs last so many times a something…

If so…I might be interested in investing in one once I build my new Workstation Computer.

Lets Tack on Photoshop CS6e and the Large PSD’s I can write also.

~I need honest opinions and not someone trying to push a sale… I have to be budget concious here >.<~

I did a quick search online and the failure rate is less than 1%… I consider that very reliable.