How to write to my Mybook WD7500H 7850GB version

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I have a WD7500H that will not permit me to write to it. I’m using a Mac OS Catalina current version. File Managers says I have 205GB available. But when I pull the states from the drive it says that I’m in read-only mode. Below is a pull from the drive details. If someone could guide to how to release my drive to be written to that would be super.
Volume type : Physical Device
BSD device node : disk3
Connection : USB
Device tree path : IODeviceTree:/PCI0@0/XHC1@14
Writable : No
Is case-sensitive : No
Volume capacity : 750,156,374,016
Available space (Purgeable + Free) : 0
Purgeable space : 0
Free space : 0
Used space : 750,156,374,016
Owners enabled : No
Is encrypted : No
Can be verified : No
Can be repaired : No
Bootable : No
Journaled : No
Disk number : 3
Media name : WD My Book Media
Media type : Generic
Ejectable : Yes
Solid state : No
S.M.A.R.T. status : Not Supported

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I had this problem several times. Always after updating my MAC-OS without disconnecting my extern disk. With Apple Disk Utilities you can recover the owners writing rights for your disk and you can use TimeMachine again. So every time you update your OS you have to disconnect your disk(s), than you don’t have the problem. Otherwise you have tor recover your rights.