How to write to my Mybook WD7500H 7850GB version

Hello Folks,

I have a WD7500H that will not permit me to write to it. I’m using a Mac OS Catalina current version. File Managers says I have 205GB available. But when I pull the states from the drive it says that I’m in read-only mode. Below is a pull from the drive details. If someone could guide to how to release my drive to be written to that would be super.
Volume type : Physical Device
BSD device node : disk3
Connection : USB
Device tree path : IODeviceTree:/PCI0@0/XHC1@14
Writable : No
Is case-sensitive : No
Volume capacity : 750,156,374,016
Available space (Purgeable + Free) : 0
Purgeable space : 0
Free space : 0
Used space : 750,156,374,016
Owners enabled : No
Is encrypted : No
Can be verified : No
Can be repaired : No
Bootable : No
Journaled : No
Disk number : 3
Media name : WD My Book Media
Media type : Generic
Ejectable : Yes
Solid state : No
S.M.A.R.T. status : Not Supported

Many Thanks,