How to wipe my WD 1tb

I want to wipe my hd back to a blank disk so I can perform a fresh win 10 install. Does WD has a utility to perform this task, or how to creat a bootable dvd with utilities like fdisk or something?
Thanks for the help.

HERE is a link for instructions and how to create bootable media to install Win 10. A “Custom” install will erase your HDD and all data on it. See section “Create Windows 10 installation media”.

If you don’t want to wipe the drive that way you can remove it and connect it to another PC via USB adapter and use one of many FREE drive utilities to do it.

THANKS, that’s what I wanted, BUT I don’t see the link.

It’s the very first word in my post. (HERE) Should be a different color, like blue letters.

Sorry, I didn’t notice the highlight on HERE. Situation fixed, thanks for the help.