How to wipe all data securely on sharespace?

Hi, I have a 4TB Sharespace that I would like to resell, and as such, I want to make sure that all the current personnal data that is stored on it is completely and securely deleted. I’m assuming that simply deleting the files isn’t sufficient so I’d like how can I FORMAT and DELETE all files completely? 

I didn’t see any format option. Can I ssh into it and issue a command? What about if I change the raid configuration from raid 5 to span, for example, will that specifically ERASE the files currently there?

Any other suggestions?

PS: It is sad to see that WD isn’t supporting its products in the long run and has moved this product in the “legacy” option with no new development. I am so glad I purchased a Synology a few years ago, and that it is still being supported by all new firmware releases. That’s a great investment.



To erase all the data on the drive you can perform a  Restore Factory Default.

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