How to wipe a Black2?

ok so i need to know how to wipe a black to with out getting errors.

the errors i get are do to some wipping software that sees the black2 120gb & 1TB partition has a single partition and other software like killdisk see both partitions but combins both before wipping and thus giving me errors in the wipe report.

the errors are due to the two partition being combined, so once the wipping of the 120gb is done the errors pop up. cause it cant found the sectors between the 120gb and 1tb partition but the report is showing this as bad sectors when the sectors dont even exist. 

WD do you have a fix for this?

i need a report the details the drive has been wipe correctly with out errors. 

disk wiping software. some are free.

Hi SkyyLander. Did you try using the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic software? The software will do a write zeros which will wipe out all data and it also resets the drive back to factory defaults so the HDD will be ‘locked’. If you just want to erase the partitions that are currently on the drive, you should be able to do this through Disk Management in Windows and format the partitions.

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I want to take the drive out of the laptop it’s in and use it in a different laptop. I’m not concerned about keeping any data. Can the Black2 be connected to the supplied USB cable/adapter to my Windows DESKTOP where I can run the Windows version of the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool and write 0’s to reset it?

Hey flhthemi,

That should work fine. The drive can be attached to another computer via the USB-to-SATA cable and it should be detected by Data Lifeguard. Then you can do the erase that way.

OK, is this the only acceptable way to put it back to OTB type state? Couldn’t the partitions be removed and a new one be created, then install OS and wd software for expanding the 1TB?

Oh, should I use the short zero write or the long zero write?

OK I used the wd datalifeguard software, wrote zeros (the slow opion) and it failed the test at an unknown sector, I didn’t write it down, and the the 1tb partition remains. I cloned my drive to it anyway and the laptop only sees the 1tb and not the 120gb SSD so it won’t boot unless I force it using the laptop’s boot up options (F12).

Does this failure mean the drive is bad? Or does it just mean data lifeguard can’t do the job or am I doing it wrong?

I did find a post [HERE][1] with a solution to this issue.
[1]: Issue after formatting Black2