How to watch mkv files through media server

I’m having problems getting my wdtv live to work with the media server option. I’m running win7 64 bit ultimate and can currently watch .avi and mp4 files through the media server option on my wdtv, but can’t watch any mkv files, whenever I try to open one, it says “unable to open the selected file, please see the user manual for a list of supported file types”.

What’s weird here is that I can view mkv files through windows media player - they are listed in my movie library and I can watch them on my computer in windows media player, just not via the media server in wdtv. It’s not an issue with the wdtv not being able to play the files either, if I plug in a hard drive to the wdtv, they play the files fine, so I know it’s not an issue with the box not being able to play them.

Anyone here have any suggestions on how I can get this to work?

MKV files are best served up via an attached drive on the WD and not from the home network (which is happeining with the media server option).

that’s not really an option for me now, but thanks for the reply anyway.

you should get a better media server

if the media server does not support mkv - which is very likely for windows media server

then it will not work

I personally like serviio

it’s free

can serve up local files

can serve internet content

and if needed it can also transcode in real time

Thanks KAD79:smiley:

Just downloaded Serviio for the PC and it looks like I’ve had a win, mkvs are now playable through the media server.

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