How to watch 3D content from Live Hub on 3D TV


  I have Sony 3D TV and i have stored few 3D movies on my Live HUB. My TV is connected via HDMI cable to the Live Hub. Whenever i try to play these 3D movies, it plays as normal movies only.

Whereas when i play the same content on my laptop, it plays side by side as two videos. Why is the Live Hub not detecting it as 3D content, what should i do to make it work.

Lot of threads on this community related to 3D is confusing as some conclude 3D is not support and some say it is supported. Kindly help with me with this information.

I have tried streaming the 3D content as well but still it plays as 3D.

My TV can detect any 3D content automatically and it does for any youtube 3D videos moment i try to play them. Kindly help me on this and do let me know what i am missing to make it work.



You can’t.   

3D is NOT supported.  Anyone who says it is is just wrong.  

Can you point me to a YouTube 3D video that your TV “switches” to 3D mode automatically?

I don’t believe that YouTube supports Packed-Bitstream 3D the same way BD’s do.


   Thanks for the info.  If you search for 3D in Youtube it would list lot of videos but choose any video that shows side by side picture they play as 3D content, also in the search results page of youtube, it does define which videos are 3D clearly others though listed under 3D search are not 3D content.

Search result URL –

( you can see few videos tagged with 3D tag below each video URL, check them )

Few 3D videos –

I did this youtube search directly on TV from my Youtube widget in my TV. I haven’t tried through Live Hub.

Hope this info helps you.




3D content CAN be viewed with absolutely no problems with a Live Hub, however it WON’T call your TV so that it automatically turns on the appropriate 3D mode, you MUST click the 3D mode on your TV’s remote control and chose the mode yourself, Ramanan I already explained this in detail to you, if you still cannot watch 3D after following my instructions it tells me you either have a defective TV or HDMI cable, keep in mind some HDMI cables are NOT 3D compatible. 


    I did reply to your response, sorry if you have missed it.

    Any 2D to 3D conversion on TV is not that effective as real 3D. My TV can play any 2D content on 3D. For those 3D content when it is displayed as 2D on TV, then if i choose 3D option on TV, it is like converting normal 2D to 3D only and it doesn’t have full 3D effect.

If i had to turn on 3D to watch 3D, then i can very well do for any video content, which my TV supports and what you say can’t be taken as solution to this issue.

I am using HDMI 1.4 cable only which is supported in my TV and if Live Hub should be able to transmit real 3D content as well as far as i know it does support HDMI cable 1.4 .

Why Live Hub is not transmitting side by side video as it is to my TV as done by Youtube videos (links shared)? If that works then my TV can detect it as 3D automatically and it has real 3D effect as in the case of You tube videos. Why can’t Live Hub do the same if it supports 3D ? I have tried streaming those content as well. The result is same.

So ideally until i see an option that makes the media player stream side by side video or any 3D format as it is to TV, i guess we shouldn’t assume it as 3D supported.




I think you’re confused about what 3D video actually is.

All of the samples you linked above *ARE NOT* real 3D video.   They are called “Anaglyph” 3D.   

As with Side-by-Side, Top-and-Bottom, and ALL forms of Anaglyph, it’s actually a SINGLE 2D video stream that is IDENTICAL to any other 2D stream. 

If your TV is automatically switching to “3D” mode using active shutter glasses, then your TV must have some form of internal logic which is separating the video into Left & Right images based on the COLOR SEPARATION in the video, and the TV’s YouTube applet must be interpreting the “3D” flag in the YouTube metadata and engaging the 3D mode as a result.

With any HDMI-based video, unless your TV understands that the incoming video is supposed to be DISPLAYED as 3D, you will have to engage that mode manually.

If you were to hook up your PC to your TV and stream those sample YouTube videos to your TV via a web browser, all you’d probably see is a single image with Cyan and Magenta “Shadows.”

3D BluRay is COMPLETELY different.   3D BD has two TOTALLY SEPARATE left & right video streams.   They are sent to your TV individually (1080p24 3D videos actually send 48 frames per second; 24 per second of each LEFT and RIGHT images.)

The BD player sends a signal through HDMI control telling the TV the format of the video, and the TV will switch to the appropriate 3D mode.

You CANNOT send full 3D BD images from a BD3D ripped through normal processes via *ANY* media player (there may be one or two on the market that CAN do that now, I don’t know).    You will have to use something like DVD Fab 3D Blu-Ray ripping to decode the BD3D stream into a Side-by-Side 3D or something like that.

The YouTube links you showed are NOT side by side.  As I said above, they’re all ANAGLYPH.

TonyPh12345 wrote:

(there may be one or two on the market that CAN do that now, I don’t know).

Sigma’s new 8910 chip can decode H.264 MVC and other 3D formats.

Their original claimed launch was summer 2011, but now I’m seeing first quarter 2012 (it seems Sigma always hits delays).  Other than a few prototypes kicking about for development, if the chips aren’t widely released yet to the manufacturers and won’t be for at least 4-6 more months, I think I can confidently guess that no media player currently for sale has been built around an 8910. :wink:

Although I’m not really “up” on other chipset brands so I’m not quite willing to stick my neck out and guarantee there are no media players that will decode MVC, but a quick search isn’t locating any.


Actually, since I’m the one that has brought up the 8910 a couple of times, I might as well point a few things out…

  • Yes, the general consensus is that the Sigma output is superior to the Amlogic chips and other brands, but the 8910 has several new features that should improve image quality even further – that’s a good thing.
  • Yes, Sigma lists a wide variety of 3D input and output formats – that’s a good thing.
  • I’m not seeing 10-bit H.264 decoding specifically mentioned, although it does say it’s capable of 30-bit RGB input… all those creating/obtaining 10-bit Anime files could still easily be disappointed – I don’t have enough info at the moment to make a prediction as to whether 10-bit H.264 will be decodable.
  • Sigma is only listing H.264 decoding up to L4.2 (which is a small improvement over the current L4.1 limitations) so anyone creating/obtaining L5.0/L5.1 files and upset that current media players won’t decode them is going to continue to be disappointed with any next-gen “Premium” media players, regardless of branding.