How to view the MBL system file directory from PC?

Hi there,  I am a newbie to this MBL, especially its own Linux OS

I am trying to install the min DLNA to replace the default DLNA server due to many reasons.

In order to do so, I am following the command from here to install minDLNA from PC by running the putty console (my firmware version is 02.43.03-022). However, I am stuck at the first step, which require to place few file to /tmp in WD MBL.

I have seem a screen shot from the internent that there are many system folders like tmp, etc, dev folders and so on ,I have totally no idea how to access and view these system folder from pc and there is no way I can view these system directory except those shared folders on windows (Perhapse just becos that I am a newbie to this Linux, totally confused by the command steps).

Please advise how can I access to some of these folder so that I can proceed to install some cool tools on MBL.

Thank you and your reply will be appreciated.


I have never tried this since it is not supported. But maybe other user’s can share some ideas about this.