How to view/retrieve mail from My Passport


I’m still trying to understand My Passport so I’ve been in need of help…

I noticed that I can view and open files from My Passport (which is great for when I travel) by clicking on the My Passport folder in my Computer and then clicking into WDSmartWare.swstor and from there I can find my folders.  However no where in there can I find my Outlook files.

Is there a way to view my Outlook files somehow through the My Passport file?

The other issue I’m running into is that when I get to the Retrieve Tab, in the program, I can’t find a way to click for my outlook folders. When I click to Retrieve Some Folders and then I expand the folder choices, there is no visible option for Outlook or Mail, which is unsettling

So I do a search for Outlook thinking there will be one thing to click on but instead I find something like this:

[] outlook                                  1.74 GB    5/21/2013 3:42:54 PM

      () 1 version ago

       () 2 versions ago

       () 3 versions ago

[] Outlook.pst                            1.06GB    1/1/2013 12:25:40 AM

[] Outlook.sharing.xml            1.27 KB    5/21/2013 2:34:35 PM

      ()  1 version ago

       ()  2 versions ago

       ()  3 versions ago

So I have no idea which one to click on.

Any help is appreciated!

Outlook files are only visible trough the Outlook program.

In order to see those files, the data needs to be restored to the computer and opened with Outlook.

You can visit Microsoft support for more information on Outlook files.

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Thank you!!

What about the several Outlook options that show up when I want to restore files, which one do I click on? All of them?