How to view a file list for backed up files

Has anyone ever figured out a way to see a file list for backed up files? I want to make sure that all my files are backed up and have no way of knowing. Western Digitals marketing materials for the my book live duo indicated that it was advantageous over a remote cloud in knowing that your files are safe. As it turns out without a file list I would feel more confident having my files store remotely witha File List I can see. My worst nightmare is that my pc crashes and I find out my files what not backed up after all.

If you are using Smartware to backup your files, you can go to the retrieve tab, select your backup and view the files.

Ya know – that is what I thought – but it seemed too easy and I have seen other posts over time that seemed to not recognize that.   So that said, why is the software not designed to show this view outside the retrieve functionality – it sure would seem to make sense and be an easy fix toward a more user friendly interface.   I will look at this when I get home tonight. 

Meanwhile, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question.  Have a great day.