How to verify the contents in a remote catalogue

After I had made Safety Backups from my local to my remote WD My Cloud Mirror (done by Remote safety copies from my Local units Dash board) I want to verify the result that has been transferred to the remote unit.
How can I easily get a listing of number of files, catalogues, and bytes that has been copied? Are there any tool for that?

The unit does not feature an option to verify the content of a backup (Internal, USB, or remote backup) at the time of this post since the backup in question is an entire snapshot of your unit’s content, compressed as a single file. This means either all files or no files at all are copied.

If the process was completed, then your remote WD My Cloud Mirror holds the entirety of your local WD My Cloud.

But if I keep the whole source unchanged all the time the backup continues from a local WD My Cloud Mirror to a remote WD My Cloud Mirror . . . then I want to make sure that every single file have been copied correct.

The Android My Cloud App has such a function when one can select a catalogue and check for info BUT when having larger quantities of files an sub-catalogues the result ends up with the false Size: 0 bytes. (!?!)

To verify that the backup have been completed without any errors must be of great importance for all who use the WD My Cloud Mirrors to secure backups.

How do you and other users check that all files, catalogues and bytes have been copied??

Anyone who can tell how I can verify that my Safety Backup from my local to my remote WD My Cloud Mirror successfully copied to the remote unit, meaning are all 233 749 files in 14 191 catalogues are fully safety copied? (In total 393 247 254 494 bytes)

If there are now tool for this and if it can’t be verified how can one be sure that the Safety Backup function fully works?