How to use WD photo's and Iphot library?!

How can i see my photo in the root of my WD world book?

Wdworldbook/pulibic/sharerd pictures/Iphoto Library.

On my iphone i can’t see the photo’s!


greating from holland

The MioCrawler service runs in the background on your drive, creating thumbnails of the .jpg files in your Public\Shared Pictures directory. If you do not immediately see a folder in the WD Photos app, it is because MioCrawler is still going through your photos and creating thumbnails. Depending on how many photos there are, this can take anywhere from less than an hour to several days. You should start seeing some of the photos in the WD Photos app after a few minutes, however you may need to clear the WD Photos cache first:

  1. From the main iPhone/iPod dashboard, click on the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to the WD Photos entry.
  3. Set the toggle next to “Clear” (under the “Clear Cache on Next Launch” header) to On.
  4. Close the Settings app and go back to the WD Photos app.

WD Photos will go through its initial setup process again, after which you should once again have access to your photos.