How to use WD My Cloud app to upload photos

I want to upload my photos to my cloud in android device using WD My Cloud app. But it failed. How to do that?

by the way, WD app **bleep**…

You tried the SHARE option in the gallery and selecting MC?

yes. I did.

Then the photo appears in DOWNLOADS menu, then nothing happens…

Download and use the WD Photo App for this.


When you have this app and open it you will see a small camera icon out to the side with an arrow pointing up. Activate this and you should see albums. Open up an album and at the bottom should be two buttons Select All and Upload. You don’t have to select all to upload, you can upload individual photos or select only the ones you want to upload.


To download this app use the link below.


Remember that once you have the WD Photos app you will have to get access for it on the dashboard. The following information comes from Help on the dashboard.


Accessing Content from a Smartphone or Tablet

There are two WD mobile apps that let you access the content on the WD My Cloud drive from a smartphone or tablet.

WD Photos: Lets you view and manage your photos.

WD My Cloud: Lets you view and play photos, videos, music, and files.





Hope you can help me…

Trying to upload photos on iphone using WD Photo App ( ive done it but several months ago)

I have selected a folder for arguments sake lets call it Venice 2014. I select all and it uploads them. So far so good. Then when i look for the folder or the photos through the same app i cant find them.

When i go on to My Cloud app the folder is there.

Thanks in response

Where does Venice 2014 go to? If it’s not Public/Shared Pictures then of course you won’t find it with WD Photos