How to use WD Acronis true image to restore a backup

My situation is I have made a copy of my entire C: drive with Windows XP professional, now I want to restore it from my external WD 3TB drive to my laptop’s C drive. That is, make it what it was back when  I had only 2 partitions and windows professional installed

I just don’t quite understand the process/terminology

I told the BIOS to boot from the version of Acronis WD True Edition I have put on a CD.

  1. I choose recovery, browse from backup, choose my D:\3TB drive, choose the backup file which is backup9812.tib

  2. Under disc backup I right click the backup9812 file, choose recover, chose recover whole discs and partitions
    click next\

  3. Now it shows me Disk 2, which I’m guessing is my D:\ drive, there are three partitions listed under it

          1. NTFS (OS)C,/ primary, act/ 298.1GB/NTFS

          2. MBR and Track 0/ MBR and track 0

          3. Fat16 (Unlabeled)/ Pri/39.19MB/9.407MB/FS Fat 16 Parition 0xDE (Dell server utilities)

I’m not quite sure what the third partition is for or if I even need it, but just in case I made the backup with both of those partitions.

Under what to recover I choose only the first partition (so I can get to the next step)

I’m at a screen called Specify recovery settings of Partition C. Again, my goal is to have only those two partitions I had made the backup of copied to the laptop’s hard drive from my WD hard drive.\

Under Partition Location- new location it lists

Disk 1 

                         1. NTFS (My Book) (D:)/Pri/2.729TB/1.671TB/NTFS

Disk 2

1.Fat 16 (unlabeled)/Pri, Act/1.999GB/1.988GB/FS Fat 15 partition:

  1. Uallocated/296.1GB/Unallocated

For disc 2 is it talking about my physical C:/drive. this is where I am confused, or it talking about the backup on my D: drive? I’d think what I’d need to do, to avoid any confusion is if this is my physical C Drive to wipe repartition it, before moving the two other partitions to it. I’m pretty confused

Hi, check the link below so you can review the steps.