How to use this product

Newbie here. I bought the WD My Book to store data and keep it off my hard drive. More space on my WD than my hard drive. The problem is, is I thought I had bought a device to store downloads and other data. Well, I am now finding out that the “My Book” is a lot more than I thought. My problem is, is that I cannot even get it to store Downloads. My Pc recognizes the Book, but that is about as far as I got. So, basically I have a 1 pound expensive piece of equipment that acts as a paper weight. I am also seeing a lot of references about the cloud. 1st. Is the cloud necessary for the proper use of the Book. 2nd. How do I contact the cloud, what is it. I know that some of you are probably LAO right about now. Give me a break, I’m 76 and still learning (I hope).

Read the User Manual.

I own a My Book … but for my purposes i didn’t bother using any software to backup my files.

I just used windows copy and paste to manually backup my data.

Sure, it may be the Old School way to do it, but i find it’s the simplest way. :slight_smile: