How to use "share files as a link" feature of MyBook Live?


 Help.  I’ve been struggling with implementing this feature for several months with no resolution. My understanding is I should be able to send share a file on my MyBook Live with someone by sending them a link. I have tried using  WD2Go Pro on my Android phone to generate a link which looks like this "…" However when the recipient clicks on this link they get a warning that they are being redirected to another website “” and the recipient is warned not to proceed as this could be a phishing scheme. I’ll never be able to convince the recipient to ignore the dire warning from their antivirus software and go ahead and click the link I sent them.

  For MyBook Live to be a viable alternative for a personal cloud I need to be able to share files on the MyBook Live hard drive with other people.

  Is this working for anyone? Or does “share files as a link” mean something else in the WD world? 

  Other than this one shortcoming, the MyBook Live is meeting my needs as a personal cloud where there are no ongoing subscription costs and I know where the data resides.



You may try using different browsers to compare results.  If the issue is the same, regardless the browser, I suggest you to contact WD Support.

As I understand it the app doesn’t access the files directly from your MBL but via your account on, and that’s why your recipients get that warning. Their browser my be set to warn on redirection. Either they have to turn off that in their browser or accept the redirection to be able to access the files.