How to use mycloud public folder?

Hi there,
I´m using “My Cloud Home”
Installation was running quit good. But after installation I got 2 areas?

the public folder in mycloud-ZX …

  • this is only reach by LAN - not with apps

a folder connected to my pc

  • this folder I also reach with mobile-app and browser-app

to connect my SONOS I have to copy the music to the public folder
to share content I have to do it with the “app-folder”

I´m pretty confused why WD made this two areas.

I also like to use the music in my holiday-house with SONOS
How can I get access via Internet to my music in the public folder?

Have somebody a usefull answer about this 2 hard disk areas?


@otmar If you have a My Cloud Home then try asking your question here.