How to Use My Cloud Home as external storage for PS5?

Hello All,

I just purchased a PS5 for the family and would like to set aside 1 terabyte for storage. Do I just connect the PS5 to the drive with a USB cable? Then what…


We recommend you kindly contact sony support for a list of compatible devices with PS5.

The USB Port on the rear of the My Cloud Home is not designed to connect directly to a host computer system.

ie. you can’t connect it to a PS5, PS4, Smart Device, PC etc etc

To use Extended Storage for the Installation of Games and Apps from a PS5 and PS4

You need to use a USB External Hard Drive … eg. WD Elements, WD Passport etc.

Once formatted as Extended Storage you cannot use the USB External Hard Drive for any other purpose. ie. You cannot store Video, Music Photos on the Hard Drive and it will not show up on a PC in explorer. (you will be able to re-format it back to PC format but, you will lose all your games)