How to use MBL with Netdrive? With private share

Hi guys, i need to map MBL set as a private share at a remote location to sync with my local hard disk. Was told Netdrive can work. 

Anybody can help with the guide?

Thanks alot!

Hello, to map the My Book Live share on a remote PC, you can use WD2Go, but I’m not sure if the program you will use is going to work. Check the link below for the steps. 

How to use a My Book Live running Software Release 2.0+ with WD 2go for the first time

hi it looks usable, but it wont appear as a drive until i login everytime. 

You got it working remotely Lawrence Leo?  Good for you!  Maybe I’ll have to ask you questions later if I have problems.

There’s a “login automatically when system starts option”.  Did you click on that?

nono, accroding to e guide from WD, it says to login everytime. I already know that, but i want it to appear as a drive, not manully login…

It theoretically should be possible.  I’m not as busy this weekend so I’m going to try to set things up.  Let’s hope it works like it theoretically should.

This is what i want to achieve. hope anyone can help :slight_smile:

I ran into a snag with my router so need to replace it before I finish but here’s the steps which should theoretically work if you want to try them yourself.  Note, it’s pretty safe to try all of these steps without risk of bricking your drive.  The only exception might (not certain but would think it would be a risk) be editing your config file, step 5.

1.   Setup your router for DDNS (if you don’t have a static IP address and don’t want to have to fix things everytime your router goes down).  See adachim’s post on this linked thread for instructions.  Note, if your router forces you to go with a DDNS provider that won’t give out DNS for free like mine, you can either pay money, flash your drive with dd-wrt (if router is compatible), or fix things every time your router goes down. My router unfortunately is not dd-wrt compatible based on’s website list so my sister is taking my router since she needs one anyway and buying me a new one (hence my delay).

2.  Install Netdrive, Putty, and syncbackfree onto your home laptop (make sure you get the version that is compatible with your OS (i.e. Windows 8, Vista, etc.).  Go to for netdrive and syncbackfree.  For putty,

3.  Port forward your mybooklive in your house to port 33 (another port number can work too, I just chose 33 as it’s a nonstandard port I think - for extra security). No one can give you detailed step by step instructions on this as you probably have a different router than them - but perhaps this link will help  If you still can’t do it, I’d post asking about this specific question on another thread or try your router manufacturer’s forum.

4.  Enable SSH on your mybooklive.   Do this from the settings menu in the MBL UI. Or http://mybooklive/UI/ssh

5.  Edit your config file.   See jazzymood’s post in this thread.

6.  Setup netdrive to automatically map your mybooklive.   Then setup up syncbackfree to sync your files across the drives.   It would take me forever to explain this part and it’s actually quite easy so I’m going to assume you can figure this part out.  If you can’t, you can ask me questions after I’m done with my setup (which I’m not going to promise a timeframe since as you can tell, I’m a big procrastinator - though I have always eventually figured out how do everything I’ve wanted to sooner or later).

As you can see, even our “simpler” setup isn’t so simple but probably doable.  The only thing I’m afraid of is that netdrive isn’t going to work the way it says it can.  If that ends up being the case, there are other ways to do what we want.

Forgot to say, I think the setup in your diagram is just way too complicated.  You should be able to set something up that works like that theoretically with netdrive/syncbackfree but I’m concerned something might cause the theory not to work out in real life.

Can’t you just store everything on your two MBLs and not hold any files at all on your laptops?  Or maybe have some files on one laptop but not the other (though the MBLs would still have everything).  Why do you need 4 copies of everything - seems like a waste of drive space.  You only need two copies in two separate homes to protect you.

You may have to repeat certain steps on your other laptop/MBL depending on how many of those connections in your diagram you end up wanting to keep.

Let me know if the above works out for you.  Good luck.

Hey man. I was thinking of a quick and dirty solution.

Introduce a middleman - dropbox. this way, we dont have to fuss about the setting up.

The only issue is dropbox has a limit.

I followed the instructions in this thread and did the following steps:

Enabled SSH

Logged in and changed root password for security

verified I can connect using SFTP with FileZilla

Tried to map a drive using Netdrive, discovered Netdrive only does FTP, not SFTP

Found SFTP Netdrive and mapped a drive with that

Mapped port 22 to the Internet (used the standard port since I changed the root password)

I have static IPs, so I didn’t have to use DDNS

I can connect both internally and externally, but performance is really slow. Internally using a gigabit Ethernet connection I get around 1.5 Mbps transfer rates. Externally I get 355 Kbps transfer rates. My Internet connection is over 30 Mbps down and around 8 Mbps up. It appears that SFTP transfers on the MyBookLive are really slow.

Is there a way to map a drive using WebDAV without using WD2Go?

well, remotely, it will use your up at home speed when getting files. Since you are also doing it over SSH, there is encryption to deal with, so it makes it slower, plus plenty of overheard. But, yes, those speed sound correct. I also have 8-10 up speed and get the same speeds when fetching files over SSH/SCP/SFTP.

Now this has nothing to do with the MBL, if you do it locally, it is very fast. It is all Internet/ISPs/QoS/ISP throttle/Both ISP from source/destination speeds/# of people/etc etc…

If you ask me, I believe WebDAV will be even slower…

I prefer not to have a limit lawrenceleo.  Yeah, it was harder than I expected but still not something you need to be a computer expert on (I’m not one).

Thanks Emailguy.  Weird, I have netdrive and it has sftp in the advance tab.  The slower drive doesn’t really matter does it if you’re only doing incremental backup in the background while you’re doing other work?

I think I’ll just finish off my setup tommorrow now that I have my router and see if the speed bothers me.  Surprised the reviews seemed decent for netdrive.  My main goal was backup not remote drive anyway so hopefully the speeds don’t bother me.

tts nice. 

supposedly i had a 2gb movie from home A to push over to home B. how long would it take?