How to use ftp client on Mybook live?


I am  connected as root on my Mybook Live and  would like to ftp from there to another

computer, but I cannot find ftp on the Macbook Live.

Where is it ? 

If it is not present, how can I  install it ?



Since my post, I realize that there was already a  message on the same question :

But this does not solve my problem.

I want to access to a device that has only a  ftp server, and no way to log into this device.

I thus need to have a ftp client on the MBL.

Has anyone installed an optware ftp on the MBL ? or any other ftp client ?


Waiting for an answer to my question, I have searched for some possible answers. I found two possibilities :

  • Use wget which is already implemented on the MBL. This work with a ftp server, but I do not know how to obtain the listing of the directories. I found a possible use by  using  ncftp from my main computer to get the precise path of the file I was looking for.This is a working solution.

  • I have installed ncftp  on the MBL  using the optware distribution as explained in

The ncftp works well  as far as I have tried on limited examples. It just seems to be slower than the “wget” solution.

This was quite smooth and did not required special hack as was assumed by


in his answer to

I hope this can be useful to someone.