How to use EX2 off local network

I do not really want to put my EX2 on my network. There is a level of risk putting this on any network that I do not see the point in taking if it is not needed. There are a few reasons for that:

  1. Only going to be accessing it with one computer.
  2. Extra layer of security

Really just want to be using this as a RAID 1 backup. Would be nice to connect to computer via USB 3.0, but doesn’t sound like that is an option. Why is that? I don’t like the idea of putting something on my network that is not necessary. I am not going to be needing and cloud services outside my home. If I want to make this as secure as possible what are my options?

The USB port is an input port for storage expansion and does not allow direct connections.

If you are concerned about the device being on your network then it does not seem to be the most appropriate option for your personal needs.I’d suggest trading it for a WD My Book Duo instead, which is a USB hard drive with RAID capabilities. However, bear in mind it does not feature the WD My Cloud EX2’s extended feature set precisely because it is a local device and does not run its own advanced OS.