How to use device names on LAN?

Due to my ignorance, I do not know how to connect to other devices (computers and printers) on the LAN in my home.

I’m using a My Net N600. The DHCP Client Table shows that the device named “raspberrypi” is at The Host Name (Host and LAN Settings) is “MyNetN600”. I can ssh to pi@ I can ping raspberrypi.MyNetN600, but I when I try to ssh to pi@raspberrypi.MyNetN600, I get “ssh: connect to host raspberrypi.MyNetN600 port 22: Connection refused.” What am I missing here?


Connection refused is a weird error then, as its actually not failing at resolving the hostname, but cant connect to ssh, if a ping raspberrypi.MyNetN600 gives you the right ip, then ssh should also do the right ip.

Personally I would just say screw it, and edit the hosts file on your machines and make an entry called

“ raspberrypi”

then you could just ssh pi@raspberrypi

btw, great device the pi is, got 2 of them. :slight_smile:

I’m glad that I’m not the only one who finds this weird.

I used to have my RPi set up with a fixed ip address, which worked fine. Then I reformatted my sd card so I could play with NOOBS. I could set raspbian to used a fixed ip again, but DHCP seems like a nicer way to do it. Entering the ip address in my hosts file works for a fixed address, but I would have to change it from time to time with a dynamic address.

The real point is that this weird behavior bugs me. :wink: Plus, I have several other machines on my LAN that I would like to be able to access. It just seems that computer_name.MyNetN600 should work.

This is not a huge issue for me. I’m a retired software engineer, so this is more like a hobby. I just like learning how to fix silly things like this.


Edit: Oops!! Closer inspection (as in reading) shows that my ping of raspberrypi.mynetn600 only pings mynetn600. That is, it only pings the router, not the device connected to the router.

So my question is: How do I reach devices by name that appear in my router’s DHCP client table?

does just ‘raspberrypi’ resolve at all?

Otherwise I have no idea, knowing the quirks and bugs in the mynet series, who knows if they do dhcp tables properly?

No, raspberrypi does not resolve. I manually entered an IP address for the raspberry pi in the router’s DHCP device table and then gave that (reserved) IP address a name in my ‘hosts’ file. So now I can ssh to the raspberry pi using the name in the hosts file. But since the router has the device name and its associated LAN IP address, it seems like the router should be able to resolvea the name. In other words, it seems like the router should be able to function as a DNS server within the LAN.

Similar issue except the device names resolve to some random external IP. Even device names that don’t exist on my network will resolve to this unknown external IP

Weird thing is it works from my windows machines. But not my pi nor my ubuntu server.