How To Use 2 Or More WD TV LIve Media Hub devices

PROBLEM: How To Connect 2 Media Hubs on the same Local Network so that you may copy contents from one media Hub device to the other.

I thought the answer was to assign a unique name to each per a post on this forum.  The problem is that after changing the name of the original media hub device it still lists on the LAN as wdtvlivehub and not as the name I changed it to. 

I have already done a hard restart and while the new name I choose for it is still in the DEVICE NAME field when I log onto the devices Web based interface, the name its identified as on the network is the older wdtvlivehub .

One change did take place though, I can no longer access the contents of the Media Hub using Windows Explorer by typing the path [\wdtvlivhub](file://wdtvlivhub/) (minus the quotes used here ) .  I now must type the IP Address of the device on the LAN to access its contents via Windows Explorer.

What am I doing wrong?

It looks like DNS issue on your windows machine?

Flush your DNS see if it makes any changes to your WIndows machine.

ipconfig /flushdns

It won’t likely be DNS;  it’s a NBNS issue.   

Usually a reboot of the Master Browser (wherever that is) will fix the issue.

1.) Are you all (the hubs and your computer) in the same workgroup. Default name is WORKGROUP.

2.) If you change the name of WDTVLiveHub to WDTVLineHub_1 and the other to WDTVLineHub_2 you ought to be able to find them under \WDTVLineHub_1 and \WDTVLineHub_2 respectively.

3.) You ought to be able to always find them by IP address (for example \  and \

I prefer to use IP addresses and I synchronize the content between them (so that their content is identical).



Thanks I stand corrected… NETBIOS name cache over TCP/IP and NETBIOS name is what I had in mind…

More about it here:

The best solution is to reboot the Windows Machine and let it discover the New NETBIOS name of the two WDTVLIVE HUB…

Hope this helps

Well it turned out therewere multiple issues.

You can’t use an underscore in thename at least not  on my network at home or work and my CIO told me that one (he has a WD Media Hub too).  SO I changed the anmes from WDTVLIVEHUB_SMITH and WDTVLIVEHUB_JONES  to WDTVLIVEHUBS and WDTVLIVEHUBJ respectively and rebooted and now both are accessable and work as expected.

I will say that I still find myself having to reboot the system (at home) or my own computer that I am usingto browse to the hubs every few days. 

Thanks for the replies.