How to upload with WD2Go?

How exactly do I upload files to my public or private shared folders using this app?

Select the file.

Press the “Actions” button.

Select Upload.

Pick your destination.

I can tap the file a the complete action menu opens and I select wd2go but it sends me to “downloads” there is no option for uploads or destination

Sorry, I mispoke.

When you’re viewing the download, and you select a downloaded file, one of the options is COPY.

When you select COPY, the UPLOADable destinations appear in the menu.

Hi, I’m also having problems with upload. When you say select a file, could you be a little more verbose? For example, on my iPad, if I go into photos, when I single press a picture I get a menu that contains Edit, Slideshow, forward arrow and a bin. I don’t see anything about download. On the other hand, if you mean within the WD2go app, I can’t navigate to files stored on the iPad only files already on mybook or Dropbox files.

To be blunt, western digital should just pull the plug on wd2go and the even worse wd photo. These apps are deeply flawed and are making the terrific MBL look bad. I spent a lot of time trying to get these apps to do basic things (like uploading files) until I just gave up and started looking for alternatives. One that I found that works great for uploading things from an iPhone or iPad is called Filebrowser. If you open this app it shows you a folder that contains all photos on the iPhone. Uploading is very intuitive. It also uses the open in option so you can upload PDFs, word docs, etc almost anything you find on the web.

Yeah… There seems to be a similar topic here

That’s definitely a shortcoming of WD2Go…

Maybe, it will still take some time for WD to develop a better smartphone app…