How to upload photos and videos FROM wd my cloud to Anroid phone

Hello all! I lost my phone and realised that I needed a personal cloud storage as it’s not very convenient to restore pics saved on Google Drive and iCloud to a new phone (in my case IOS to Android)

My question is, before investing in a personal cloud storage solution, if it’s easy to transfer photos from My Cloud to your mobile device.

I understand that it’s relatively easy to backup photos and videos from your mobile device to My Cloud but is the reverse also true?

I’m looking for something that syncs all your photos and videos similar to how IOS devices does it.

Lastly, what WD product would you recommend for this: WD My Cloud or WD My Passport Wireless Pro?)

Thanks in advancel

@Scubadict Are you trying to find a WD My Cloud or a WD My Cloud Home?

I have two WD My Clouds and I can view all my photos and videos by using the mobile app on my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. I can also upload and download using the app.

My photos and videos are saved to my My Cloud devices by using my Google account. They are sent to my devices and placed in the Public share in a folder I selected.

It is not easy to transfer photos/videos to my iOS mobile devices from anything like computers or WD cloud devices, so in rare cases I have emailed photos to my self. iTunes can back up an iphone but I have not used this feature. Get a My Cloud instead of a passport wireless; it’s faster, but either can do the job yet wireless is portable, too…