How to upload/download .exe files from WD My Cloud drive to Android phone

I have a 4tb MyCloud drive. I have it configured correctly so I can see my folders and files.

I am trying to download and save .exe and .zip files for my computer. When I try to download the exe file it gives and error that the file is not recognized. I installed a Androzip program and it allowed me to download the exe file but would not allow me to save it. I could see it in activity and knew it was there because it was there because the My Cloud app cache was the size of the file.

I did not buy the drive for pictures or music. I bought it so transfer files to my phone, then usb them to a computer or storage device.

I looked at using FTP but this a security risk.

I found out how to use SFTP but those in structions are for the My Book Live and it seems more of a work around and is complicated.

Anyway to do this without FTP?

I figured it out. I downloaded an android app called “download all files”. Any files including .exe that are not registered to programs this program will save them.

That saved me a lot of hassle setting up ftp.